3 Ways Busy Professionals Can Create Content Faster

3 Ways Busy Professionals Can Create Content FasterContent creation is the most important part of online marketing. It provides value for your prospects and establishes you as a credible thought leader.

The downside is it’s very time and energy consuming. It’s difficult to hand off this task to someone else because they don’t have the knowledge you do. Your insight and unique voice are necessary to create great content.

Sitting down to write, or record a video or audio presentation, can seem daunting. Often it gets pushed to the side and not completed at all.

Generating content on a consistent basis is necessary for a professional’s online marketing plan. Publishing sporadically won’t bring great results. Just like any other type of marketing, a consistent message is the key.

Luckily, there are a few ways to make content creation easier.

You Don’t Need a Brilliant Idea

Many people getting started with content marketing think that they need to have a brilliant, groundbreaking idea to write about. They may think it needs to be something that no one has ever written about before.

That creates a lot of pressure and stress! It’s also not true.

The easiest way to know what what to write about is to answer your clients’ questions. Take a look in your email inbox. What types of issues are your clients asking you about? What areas need extra clarification? Create content that addresses these questions.

If you don’t have many clients yet, you can find questions that people are asking on sites like Quora or in online forums.

Batch Your Time

If you’re like me, you have great intentions for what you want to get done at the beginning of the day, but somehow a dozen other tasks pop up that derail your plans. When this happens, your blog writing time is probably the first thing to be pushed aside to make room for other tasks.

Instead of doing a little bit of writing every day, block out a larger chunk of time on your calendar and knock out a few blog posts in one day.

You’ll have them ready to post throughout the next several weeks and won’t need to worry about making time for it every day.

This works well for other types of marketing tasks, too. You can batch schedule social media posts and email newsletters.


Earlier in the post I mentioned that outsourcing is not always the best idea. But there is a way to outsource while still retaining the integrity of your content creation. Here’s how it works:

  1. Use the voice recorder on your phone or laptop to dictate the main points of your blog post. Talk about any main points you want to make and provide as many details as possible. Speaking is much faster than writing, and you don’t have to edit it or make it perfect. Simply rattle off all of the main points for your piece of content.
  2. This step is optional – Have your audio transcribed by a service such as Rev or Trint.
  3. Send either your raw audio or your transcription (or both) to a writer. A good writer can turn your free-form thoughts into an organized blog post.

With this method you can still share your own knowledge and insight on a topic, but the time consuming part of writing and formatting is outsourced.


Don’t overthink your content creation. The main goal is to provide content that is helpful to your prospects. You don’t have to have the best or most original ideas, you only need to provide value. Use these tips to stay on track to consistently create content.

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