5 Easy Ways to Boost your Lead Magnet Conversion Rate

5 Easy Ways to Boost your Lead Magnet Conversion RateIt’s becoming increasingly difficult to compete for prospects’ attention online. You are one in a sea of competitors. That makes it more important than ever to grab the attention of your website visitors and convert them into new leads.

Your lead magnet, or opt-in freebie, is your best opportunity to grab cold website visitors and turn them into leads. Most of your website traffic isn’t ready to do business with you. They barely know you. By sharing your knowledge through free give-aways, you can begin to earn their trust.

The goal of your lead magnet is to simply get prospects interested in the knowledge you have to offer. There are several easy ways to boost your conversion rate and increase your number of leads.


Who are you targeting with your lead magnet? Create a clear picture of who this person is and what will motivate them. What problems do they have that you can solve? Where are they on their journey towards solving these issues when they find you?

A good lead magnet helps them solve one specific problem. Determine where your prospect is on the journey, and how you can help them with one thing right now. When your lead magnet is highly relevant to their issue they’ll be excited to sign up for it.


The placement of your lead magnet offer on your page can make or break your conversion rate. Most people are impatient and busy. They won’t spend much time on your website, so you need to grab their attention quickly.

Place the lead magnet near the top of the page, or in multiple places on the page. For example, if you have a long article, you may want to offer your lead magnet at the top of the article, somewhere in the middle, and/or at the end.

Experiment with other placements such as pop-ups, banners, and sticky sidebars, too.

Ease of Use

If it’s complicated, takes too much time, or it’s hard to sign up for your lead magnet, people will choose not to sign up. This means reducing the amount of information you ask for in your sign up form and reducing any unnecessary clicks or pages.

Don’t forget to test your opt-in form on mobile, too. Approximately half of web traffic is on a mobile device. Make sure the form looks correct and is easy to use on a phone.


The text you use to describe your lead magnet, and the text on the “Submit” button can play a big role in your conversion rate. Keep your call-to-action focused on your prospect. Be clear about what they will receive. Uncertainty leads to doubt which will turn away potential leads.

The text on your form “Submit” button may seem like a tiny thing to focus on, but it can make a big difference. No one wants to “submit.” It feels cold and impersonal, as though you’re submitting a boring government form. Use something descriptive from your lead’s perspective. For example: “Send Me My Ebook” “Sign Me Up!” “I Want In”

Keep Testing

As with any online marketing, it’s a never-ending process. There are always improvements to be made. Test new ideas often. Keep what works and learn from what doesn’t.

You can use formal A/B testing, or simply be observant to the results you’re getting. Ask your customers what they’re struggling with right now, and incorporate that information into each iteration you make.

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