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How to Beef Up Your Wimpy Call to Action

Everyone knows you need to have a call to action (CTA) on your website and marketing materials. Otherwise, what’s the point, right? But not all calls to action are equal. Some are much better than others. Take a look at your website and online marketing campaigns...

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Why Does Marketing Advice All Sound the Same?

You know how it is. You see a headline for a blog post that promises to solve your marketing problems. You click the link and skim through the article. It’s all information that you’ve read before. It follows the same format as every other marketing blog post with...

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How to Steal the Spotlight from Your Competition

Every business owner wants to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. If you’re a consultant or service provider there are probably hundreds or thousands of people providing the same service as you. How can you set yourself apart? Many new business owners think that...

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3 Ways Busy Professionals Can Create Content Faster

Content creation is the most important part of online marketing. It provides value for your prospects and establishes you as a credible thought leader. The downside is it’s very time and energy consuming. It’s difficult to hand off this task to someone else because...

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Which Online Marketing Metrics Matter?

In the world of online marketing, anything can be tracked and measured. Most people would find it scary how much information is gathered about them across the web. For the purposes of our small business websites, we don’t need to worry about gathering this level of...

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Why is B2B Marketing So Difficult?

Selling to a B2B market is very different than selling to consumers. Many business owners who are new to marketing their business in the B2B space may attempt to apply B2C methods that fall flat. Sending coupons or running flash sales are not normally good tactics for...

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Remove the Stress from Marketing Your Business in 3 Steps

You should be blogging. You should be on Snapchat. You should be Tweeting. You should be making videos. You should be connecting with prospects on Linkedin. You should be running Facebook ads. You should be doing this and that... Sound familiar? Does it make your...

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