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Email Campaign Checklist: What to do Before Clicking Send

Email campaigns are an excellent way to stay in touch with your audience, clients, and leads. You can share content, updates, news, deals, and more with your email list. For a B2B business, it’s especially important to stay in front of your prospects. The longer sales...

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You Launched Your New Website… Now What?

It feels great when you finally launch your new website. You’ve worked on it for weeks or months, and now it’s time to show it to the world. Everything is perfect, and you hope it will lead to more new clients for your business. But what comes next? Is your work done...

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Maximize Your Website Conversions with This Subtle Shift

Do you ever wonder if you’re being too self-centered? Most independent professionals I’ve met are generous people who want to help others succeed. They enjoy sharing their specialized knowledge with their clients. Most of them are not selfish or self-centered. But...

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5 Easy Ways to Boost your Lead Magnet Conversion Rate

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to compete for prospects’ attention online. You are one in a sea of competitors. That makes it more important than ever to grab the attention of your website visitors and convert them into new leads. Your lead magnet, or opt-in...

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3 Quick Ways to Tell if Your Lead Magnet is a Dud

If you have a lead magnet on your website, you are already ahead of the competition. But is it performing how you expected? Are people signing up or ignoring it? There are a few ways to determine why your lead magnet isn’t performing well. You’ll need to take an...

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Why Your Website Isn’t Generating Leads

You launched your website months, or years, ago. It looks nice and explains your services well. But no one is calling you or filling out your contact form. Why is that? You know the service you provide is valuable, but your website visitors don’t seem to be motivated...

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3 Part Email Series:
Everything you need to know to create a high-converting website


Part 1: Why Your Website is Gathering Dust Instead of Leads

How to tell the difference between a website that converts and one that gets ignored

Part 2: Anatomy of a High Converting Website

Copy this structure to immediately increase the number of leads you generate

Part 3: The Essential Guide to Online Marketing for B2B Professionals

The 5 step process to outperform your competition online (Plus: companion workbook!)