How to Steal the Spotlight from Your Competition

Steal the Spotlight from Your CompetitionEvery business owner wants to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. If you’re a consultant or service provider there are probably hundreds or thousands of people providing the same service as you. How can you set yourself apart?

Many new business owners think that competition is a bad thing. They might think that it’s pointless to go into business because someone else is already filling the need. In reality, competition is good because it means there are people who need what you provide, and they are already paying for the solution.

There are a few ways you can beat the competition and stand out from everyone else.

Be Specific

If you try to provide all services to everyone, you’ll blend into the crowd. You’ll become a generic service provider with no memorable qualities.

Get specific about who you serve and what you provide. The more specific you are, the more people will remember you.

Tell your network of colleagues exactly who you would like to work with, and they will be able to refer you more easily. Be specific on your website and marketing materials to grab the attention of your target audience.

When you’re specific about your target audience and services, you’ll notice more people who say, “That’s me, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for!”

Be Helpful

Growing a business, especially one that is focused on professional services or consulting, is all about gaining trust. The easiest way to earn trust is to be helpful upfront, before asking for the sale.

A systematic way to do this is through content marketing. Create content such as blogs, videos,  podcasts, etc. that are genuinely helpful to your target audience.

This isn’t promotional content or an advertisement. Your content should help your target audience take the first step in solving their problem. If it is overly promotional and unhelpful, it will have the opposite effect of building trust.

You can be helpful in other ways, too. Provide advice and insight while networking (in-person and online).

Make it Easy

Have you ever been on a website where it’s impossible to find the information you need? You probably closed the website and went to their competitor.

Don’t make people work to give you business. If your online sales funnel is set up correctly, it should feel seamless to your client.

Your clients probably hired you because you relieve some kind of burden in their business. Use the same mindset when planning your marketing and sales processes.


It’s possible to steal the spotlight from your competition by doing a few things to set yourself apart. Be specific about who you serve, and provide helpful content to them. When they’re ready to buy from you, make it an easy process.

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