The Difference Between a Lead Generation Website and a Brochure Website

The difference between a lead generation website and a brochure websiteDifferent types of websites meet different goals. Some are purely informative, while others are meant to generate new business leads. There are other types of websites that are focused on e-commerce or entertainment, too. When it comes to B2B websites, there are usually 2 styles that we’ll focus on: ‘brochure’ and ‘lead generation.’

The difference between these two comes down to the main goal of the website. As a B2B business owner, take some time to consider the goal of your website. Most likely, it’s this: to generate more new leads and clients. How can you tell if your website is built to meet that goal? Review these three website elements below.


The messaging on a website consists of the content and information that’s provided. What are you telling your website visitors? On a brochure site, it’s typically factual information about the company. It’s focused mainly on the services and history of the company.

Messaging on a lead generation website is more focused on the viewer. It helps them know that you’re here to solve their problems. It speaks to their needs and business goals. Instead of focusing on what the company does or their qualifications, it helps the potential client solve their problems.

A lead gen website’s messaging is also clear and direct. It should be immediately apparent who you serve and what service you provide.


Authority can be demonstrated in many ways on a website. It’s how you provide value to your website visitor and earn their trust. One of the main avenues for demonstrating authority is through relevant  and helpful content. This might be in the form of blog articles, videos, a podcast, or something else. This is a key component to a lead generation B2B website. Brochure websites lack this important aspect.

Other types of ‘authority’ are case studies, testimonials, partnerships, portfolios, etc. They show a track record of the value you provide. Often, brochure websites will include some of these aspects, but it is less compelling without the informative content and client-focused messaging.


This is the final, and biggest, difference between a brochure website and lead generation website. The calls-to-action on a brochure website are similar to these examples: “Call Us” or “Contact Us.” They ask the viewer to take a big next step, to reach out to the company directly. More often than not, your website viewer is not ready to take that big of a step. They’re not ready to reach out directly.

A lead gen website provides an easier path and more comfortable call-to-action. It provides something of value to the viewer in exchange for their contact information. This is typically called a ‘lead magnet.’ The type of lead magnet you provide is based on what you feel would be valuable to your audience. It could be: an ebook, a checklist, a webinar, an audio recording, or something else entirely. Download the Big List of Lead Magnet Ideas that Attract Ideal Clients here:

The important thing is to provide something of value for your website visitors. This will help you begin to earn the trust of your prospects and demonstrate your knowledge. You’ll also capture their information and can continue to market to them, long after they have left your website.

A static brochure site is no longer effective for driving new business. Websites that are built for lead generation not only help you achieve your goals faster, they also provide more value to your prospects.

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