Why Does Marketing Advice All Sound the Same?

Why does marketing advice all sound the same?You know how it is. You see a headline for a blog post that promises to solve your marketing problems. You click the link and skim through the article. It’s all information that you’ve read before.

It follows the same format as every other marketing blog post with basically the same content. You close out of the article and feel disappointed that it didn’t include anything new or ground-breaking.

You move on to the next article in your feed and continue to look for the one piece of information that will have a big impact on your business.

There are several reasons why most marketing advice sounds the same.

It works.

The simple fact is that the “generic” advice is tried and true. Most marketing articles will tell you to start with your target market or ideal client. Then they will outline how an online marketing sales funnel works.

It may sound boring, but these are the essential building blocks for online marketing. Many people try to skip these basics because they aren’t sexy or considered growth hacks.

Start from the beginning with your target market, then create a system for getting in front of those potential clients. Take a look at your marketing and determine if you have put enough thought into these steps, or if you are attempting to skip them in favor of something more complicated.

There are no secrets.

It’s easy to get stuck in a loop of constantly trying to find the new “secret” or “shortcut” to find new clients. Sometimes it feels like the gurus are hiding something from you. If you could only figure out what it is, you could be successful.

There will always be new tactics to try or social media platforms to join, but ultimately it comes down to those basics mentioned above. Chasing new fads or falling for get-rich-quick schemes never works.

Consistency is key.

Putting in consistent effort to provide value to your target market is the most reliable path for online marketing success. It’s a lot more work than searching for a big secret, but it will provide much better results.

Figure out who you are serving, then help them solve their problems on a consistent basis. This is advice that has been said over and over in many different ways.

Many will overlook this basic advice, because it can be hard work to follow through. But it is worth the effort you put in over time. You’ll attract higher quality clients and have a more sustainable business.

Your reputation will grow as a professional who provides real solutions. Gimmicks and fads will never help over the long run.

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